Bogdan Bezpalko

Ukraine's 73.21% believe in Zelensky

Ukraine’s presidential runoff took place on April 21. With 99% of the vote counted, leader of the Servant of the People political party Vladimir Zelensky has received 73.21%, while incumbent President Pyotr …

Bogdan Bezpalko: "Ukraine's economy has transformed into an arid field."

The chairman of the board of the Public organization 'Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Ukrainians of Russia', a member of the Presidential Council on Ethnic Relations, Bogdan Bezpalko, talked about what has been destroyed in Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis. According to the expert, the economy is gradually turning into an "arid field."

Bogdan Bezpalko: "Ukraine has completely lost its subjectivity"

The deputy director of the Center of Ukrainian and Belarusan Studies at Lomonosov MSU, Bogdan Bezpalko, assesses the current political situation in Kiev. The expert believes that the real power is not in the hands of the elected authorities and that Ukraine has completely lost its subjectivity.

"Hot peace" in Ukraine

Poroshenko represents party of peace in conditions of war, and Yatsenyuk is from party of war in conditions of peace