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 Tillerson does not find any hotel in Bonn - media

On his first trip abroad as US secretary of state Rex Tillerson was forced to stay at a sanitarium in a German village, 30 minutes from where other world leaders gathered.  Tillerson was at the sanitarium because …

Boris Johnson: London to keep pushing on Russia

The United Kingdom will keep pushing for the preservation of the anti-Russia sanctions, the country's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said. "The UK will be insisting that there is no case for relaxation of the …

Britain wants to maintain Iran nuclear deal

British foreign minister Boris Johnson said that the Iran nuclear accord that US President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to tear up must be maintained. As he went into an EU foreign ministers …

UK FM: Russia guilty of prolonging war in Syria

Russia is guilty of prolonging the war in Syria, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said in an interview aired on Sunday, Al-Arabiya reports. “(Russia) are guilty of protracting this war and making it …

UK sees Syria's future without Assad

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said today that Geneva talks on Syria must move towards building a future of the country without President Bashar Assad. "Truce in Syria is great news, but …

UK appoints first ambassador to Iran in five years

The UK has appointed an ambassador to Iran for the first time since 2011, as part of its aims for "more productive co-operation". The Foreign Office announcement comes one year after the reopening of the British Embassy in …

World leaders voiced support for Turkey

World leaders expressed support for Turkey and its democratic institutions on Saturday after the government quashed an attempted military coup, AP reports Britain British Foreign Secretary Boris …