CIA espionage network disclosed in Iran

The CIA's spy network has been identified in Iran, Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said. "In a complicated process against the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, 290 spies from its espionage network …

Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA Director

US Senate confirmed Gina Haspel as CIA director, making her the first woman to lead the spy agency. The Senate vote of 54-45 in favor of Haspel came mostly along party lines. She needed support from several Democratic …

CIA names biggest threats to US

Terrorism and North Korea are most immediate threats the US in a long term, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said. "North Korea is relatively low-probability, but massive liability risk. The terrorist threat today is …

Trump says he believes that torture works

US President Donald Trump declared that he believes torture works as his administration readied a sweeping review of how America conducts the war on terror.  In an interview with ABC News, Trump said he would wage …

Syrian Kurds armed with sensitive US weaponry - media

Syrian Kurdish fighters are newly armed with sophisticated American combat equipment as they close in on the ISIS's stronghold in Raqqa,  weaponry the Pentagon says it is barred from providing to those forces, Military Times …

CIA chief Pompeo arrives in Turkey

CIA chief Mike Pompeo has arrived in Turkey to discuss the fight against the ISIS terrorist group. Pompeo — who is making his first overseas trip since taking office — is scheduled to meet with his Turkish …