China and the US

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 Putin reveals threat to global economy

The entire world will be affected if the United States and China fail to find a way out of the trade frictions, it is necessary to abandon the practice of politically motivated restrictions, Russian President Vladimir Putin …

Huawei: U.S. patent curbs to hurt global tech

Chinese tech giant Huawei warned a U.S. senator’s proposal to block the company from pursuing damages in patent courts would be a "catastrophe for global innovation." According to the company’s chief legal …

U.S. ready for tariff truce with China?

The U.S. and China have tentatively agreed to another truce in their trade war in order to resume talks aimed at resolving the dispute, sources familiar with the situation said. Such an agreement would avert the next round of …

G20 frets over global economy amid US-China trade war

The world’s top finance policymakers Sunday weighed the impact of ballooning trade tensions on the global economy amid differences over the extent to which they are dragging on growth, The Times of Israel reported. Finance …

 U.S. does not agree for trade deal with China

U.S. President Donald Trump said that U.S. isn’t ready to make a trade deal with China. "I think they probably wish they made the deal that they had on the table before they tried to renegotiate …

U.S. eases restrictions on Huawei

The U.S. Commerce Department said it will allow China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd to purchase American-made goods in order to maintain existing networks and provide software updates to existing Huawei handsets. The world’s …

Is Russia protected from trade wars?

Russia is one of the economies that is best protected from negative consequences, including a trade war between the U.S. and China, Russia's Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said. "Russia is in many …