Donald Trump

Spiegel: U.S. losing global leadership role

The United States is losing global leadership role, Spiegel magazine writes following the Munich Security Conference. Speaking at the conference in Munich, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence boasted about "renewed …

U.S. national debt rises to astronomical level

The U.S. national debt for the first time ever crossed the $22 trillion mark, Treasury Department data revealed, noting that the latest figure represents a jump of more than $30 billion from where the balance stood at the beginning of …

Trump gets photoshopped to look 'normal'

A photo showing what U.S. President Donald Trump would look like with no tan and without his famous hairstyle was published on Twitter. An edited photo of Trump was posted on Twitter by user nicknamed Stone Cold. The …

Trump announces rescue of US economy

Under Donald Trump’s presidency, the US economy was saved, the American leader stated himself on Twitter. According to him, the US economy is strong, despite the policy of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama. “If such …

 Trump to address counter-ISIS coalition meeting

U.S. President Donald Trump will make an appearance at the meeting of the coalition to defeat the ISIS today, his administration said. Diplomats and foreign ministers from around the world are scheduled to meet in …