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Why the Middle East Is Betting on China

Chinese foreign policy in the Middle East is highly transactional, focusing on energy and economics, and avoiding sensitive geopolitical issues. In a region as volatile as the Middle East, however, the question is how long such an approach can be sustained

 Hot air balloon with tourists drifts away in Luxor

Egyptian officials say eleven tourists are safe after their hot air balloon drifted away, forcing them to land in the country’s southern desert. The officials say the tourists — five Indians, four Chinese, a British and …

Erdogan: EU member states insincere

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned an EU summit with Arab League nations, calling the EU "insincere" for displaying amiable behavior in Egypt which had executed nine men a few days earlier. …

Arab League accuses Iran and Turkey of meddling

Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit accused Iran and Turkey of meddling in the Middle East conflicts. "We [together with the European Union] are sharing concerns over the ongoing military …

'Arab NATO' discussed in Washington

The United States hosted consultations on the political and security pillars of the Middle East Strategic Alliance, also known as the 'Arab NATO', in Washington yesterday.  Senior officials from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, …

Egyptian fishermen released from Iran's custody

Five Egyptian fishermen were released from Iran's custody after they entered Iranian territorial waters, Egypt's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Hafez said. The spokesperson clarified that the legal …