Emmanuel Macron

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Putin and Macron to meet in August

French President Emmanuel Macron said Saturday that he would meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 19 at his residency in southern France, Urdu Point reports with the reference to the local media. French President Emmanuel …

Trump threatens tariffs against 'foolish' Macron

US President Donald Trump has accused French President Emmanuel Macron of "foolishness" over a digital services tax, and hinted that he would tax French wine in retaliation. Mr Trump voiced his anger in a Tweet on Friday, …

 Macron intends to hold talks with Putin

It is important for Europe to give a new impetus to stretegic dialogue with Russia, French President Emmanuel Macron said. "We need a strategic discussion. That's why we will hold new comprehensive and …

Macron on next presidential election in France

French President Emmanuel Macron said that he did not care about the 2022 presidential election in the country, as he focused on succeeding during the ongoing presidential term. "I don’t care about the next …

Macron urges to review Schengen Area

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Schengen Area should be reviewed, and a number of countries should possibly be excluded from it. "To be open, you need limits; to welcome someone, you need a …