Emmanuel Macron

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'Yellow vests storm Macron's residence

About 40 participants of the "yellow vest" protest movement have tried to break into French President Emmanuel Macron's summer residence on the Mediterranean coast, the France Bleu radio station reported. …

Trump's Syrian middlegame

US policy after Trump came to power is charectarized by tendency, using chess terminology, to simplify position

Putin, Macron, discuss situation in Ukraine, Syria

Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Emmanuel Macron of France had a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty summit in Argentina on Friday. The two leaders focused on the situation in Ukraine …

Macron: Brexit proves EU needs 'profound' reform

The UK intention to withdraw from the European Union has brought into focus the need of a "profound" reform of the bloc, French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters on Sunday, Sputnik reports. Macron said …

Macron: France is U.S. ally, not vassal state

Two long-time allies like France and the U.S. should treat each other with respect, but France is a U.S. ally, not a vassal state, French President Emmanuel Macron said. In five posts after his visit to France, …

Putin confirms support for political process in Syria

The participants of the summit of the leaders of Russia, Germany, Turkey and France, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emmanuel Macron confirmed that a settlement in Syria can be achieved only by the politico-diplomatic …

Four-way summit on Syria ends in Istanbul

After years of war in Syria, the leaders of Russia, France, Germany and Turkey met in Istanbul to try and map out a future for the war torn country, TRT World reports.  After years of war in Syria, the leaders of Russia, Germany, …