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Ankara: EU should seek dialogue with Turkey

Turkey's Foreign Ministry said that the European Parliament's vote was "meaningless" for Ankara and described it as "far from objectivity". "European Parliament's stance against Turkey …

End of INF Treaty to split EU and NATO?

The document, prepared by staff of the European Parliament, notes that if the INF Treaty is abrogated, Europe faces a range of stark choices that, at worst, according to experts, could split the NATO alliance or even EU member states. …

European Parliament adopts resolution on Azerbaijan

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Azerbaijan yesterday. Among other things, the document has a special paragraph on refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The document calls for supporting the government’s …

European Parliament election dates revealed

The Council of the European Union adopted a decision setting 23 to 26 May 2019 as the dates for the next European Parliament elections.  The dates were agreed unanimously by the Council after consulting the European …

European Parliament  to discuss Nord Stream-2 on Thursday

The European Parliament will hold a debate on the construction of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline at the plenary session in Strasbourg on Thursday, the press service of the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias …

EU parliament sets against Turkish accession

The European Parliament asked for Turkey's European Union accession talks to be suspended if Ankara implements a constitutional overhaul, backed by a referendum in April, which expands the powers of President Recep Tayyip …

Russian church to be opened in European capital

Central tent, cylinder and golden domes with crosses were set up on a Russian church of All Saints in Strasbourg, which is expected to be opened in 2018, the parochial press service reports.  They were made in Moscow and brought to …