European Union

Putin: Europe does not want to host U.S. missiles

Europe does not wish to see the emergence of U.S. missiles on its territory, but do not dare to argue with Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. "Do you think that any of the European countries …

UK parliament votes against May's Brexit motion

The House of Commons voted by 303 votes to 258 against a motion reiterating support for British Prime Minister Theresa May's approach to Brexit — support expressed by lawmakers in votes just two weeks ago. …

 Could Brexit be delayed?

The European Commission said Britain has not requested a Brexit delay and that any such extension of negotiating time before the divorce could not be open-ended but leading to a concrete result. Speaking at a regular news briefing in …

New EU gas law has Nord Stream 2 loopholes - media

The European Union reached a provisional deal on new rules governing import gas pipelines including the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. Representatives of EU governments and the European Parliament approved a revision to gas-market …

End of INF Treaty to split EU and NATO?

The document, prepared by staff of the European Parliament, notes that if the INF Treaty is abrogated, Europe faces a range of stark choices that, at worst, according to experts, could split the NATO alliance or even EU member states. …