European Union

EU extends sanctions against Crimea for a year

The European Union has prolonged its territorial sanctions on Crimea and Sevastpol by one year, until June 23, 2019, the EU Council said in a statement. "On 18 June 2018, the Council extended the restrictive measures in response to …

Macron wants to oust English language from EU

French president Emmanuel Macron wants to make French grand again and replace English as the default language in EU institutions, the way it was before Britain joined the bloc in 1973.  With the U.K. negotiating to …

EU to hit U.S. imports with duties in early July

The European Union expects to hit U.S. imports with additional duties from July, ratcheting up a transatlantic trade conflict after Washington imposed its own tariffs on incoming EU steel and aluminum. EU members have given broad …

U.S. warns against financial dealings with Iran

The United States warned governments and the private sector to crack down on what it described as Iranian efforts to exploit them to fund its support for terrorism, destabilizing actions in the region and rights abuses at home. …