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Catalans declare independence from Spain

The Catalan regional parliament has voted to declare independence from Spain, just as the Spanish government appears set to impose direct rule. The move was backed 70-10 in a ballot boycotted by opposition MPs. …

 Iran urges nuclear disarmament

Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam Ali Khoshroo renewed the country's call for the total eradication of nuclear weapons. Addressing a meeting of the UN General Assembly to study the annual report of …

Will Austria lift anti-Russian sanctions?

Austria may start working to mitigate or abolish European sanctions against Russia. Heinz-Christian Strache, chairman of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), who is involved in the formation of the new government, …

Europe canceling Georgia's visa-free entry

Georgia's long-awaited visa-free travel to the European Union may become the same visa regime soon, only in more veiled terms of "pre-authorization": this option is being considered by the European Parliament's Committee on …

European verdict for Armenian NPP

An energy crisis may break out in Armenia in the near future: the European Union demanded to close the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia in exchange for cooperation.

Will Ukraine confiscate Russian gas from Europe?

Kiev's Economic Court has changed the way of enforcing a court decision to recover a fine of $6.7 billion from Russia's Gazprom, extending penalties to all property of the debtor,  the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko said.

EU summit venue shut again by noxious fumes

The building where European Union leaders will meet tomorrow for a two-day summit was evacuated on Wednesday for the second time in a week after kitchen staff were again made ill by noxious fumes. Brussels Europa Building, opened only …

Erdogan: does EU want Turkey in the bloc, or not?

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged European Union leaders to say whether they want to accept Turkey as a member or not. "I would like to hear a clear declaration," Erdogan said on a visit to …

63 Georgian citizens deported from EU

Sixty-three Georgian citizens, residing on the territory of the European Union countries without permission, were returned to Georgia last week. The process was coordinated by the European Agency for the Management of Operational …