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Gazprom gas exports rise to new record

Russia’s gas exports to Europe rose 8.1 per cent last year to a record level of 193.9bn cubic metres (bcm), the company’s head said on Wednesday, as the world’s largest gas producer continued to increase sales despite rising …

EU follows protests in Iran

The EU pushed Iran on Monday to guarantee the right to protest as authorities have moved to crack down on days of unrest across the nation, Daily Mail reports. Protests broke out Thursday and have quickly grown to become the biggest …

 EU acknowledges Georgia’s reforms, offers 140m lari

The European Union is offering 140 million lari (€48.1m) to Georgia in support of reforms, the Delegation of the EU to Georgia said. The EU has transferred this non-reimbursable aid to Georgia in acknowledgement of commonly agreed …

Does Armenia give up on its nuclear power plant?

Next summer the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant will stop for two months for activities on its lifetime extension. Another four months - before and after a complete stop - the station will work at half load. Russia's Rosatom together …