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Ukraine agrees on Russian gas

Naftogaz Ukraine will return to buying gas from Russia this year, ending a more than two-year hiatus, as a result of a ruling by a Swedish arbitration court on its gas dispute with Moscow, the head of Ukrainian firm Naftogaz Andriy …

Gazprom gas exports rise to new record

Russia’s gas exports to Europe rose 8.1 per cent last year to a record level of 193.9bn cubic metres (bcm), the company’s head said on Wednesday, as the world’s largest gas producer continued to increase sales despite rising …

Gazprom says gas exports to Turkey up by almost 20%

Since the beginning of the year and until December 15, Gazprom's gas exports to Turkey increased by almost 20% compared to the same period of previous year, the company said. In addition, the company icreased gas supplies to Greece …

Russian gas returns to Europe

Gas transit through the Baumgarten hub in Austria has been restored, the director of the Gas Connect Austria operator, Harald Stindl, said. "I can report that yesterday we managed to restore all the transit …

Austria's explosion rattles European gas market

A big explosion has rocked a key natural gas facility in eastern Austria, killing one person and injuring at least 18. A fire followed the blast at the Baumgarten site, which happened around 08:45 (07:45 GMT). The facility about 50 …

 Gazprom exceeds gas exports record set last year

Gazprom has set a new record of gas exports, Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said. "We embarked on the homestretch to a new absolute record of annual gas exports to non-CIS countries throughout the history of Gazprom and the national gas sector.," Interfax cited him as saying.

Gazprom increased gas exports to Turkey by 20.4%

Over the period from January to November 2017, Gazprom increased gas exports to Turkey by 20.4% compared with the same period in 2016, the company said. "In January-November 2017, Gazprom increased gas supplies to the countries …

Russian gas returns to Azerbaijan

Russia's Gazprom has started natural gas deliveries to Azerbaijan, a source in the state oil company SOCAR said. "This gas will be pumped into underground gas storage facilities for further use in processing or for domestic …

 Gazprom returning to Azerbaijani market

Gazprom Export LLC and Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR agreed on resuming natural gas deliveries to Azerbaijan, the Russian company in a statement. The relevant contract was signed in Moscow on November 21, 2017. The …