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Sweden authorizes construction of Nord Stream 2

The Swedish government has given permission for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Swedish economic zone in the Baltic Sea, Swedish Minister of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Mikael Damberg said at a press …

Gazprom's Dutch assets frozen

Ukraine’s state-owned Naftogaz said a Dutch court had approved its petition to freeze Dutch assets of Gazprom to enforce an arbitration ruling that Naftogaz should receive $2.6 billion from the Russian company. In late May, Swiss …

Gazprom to loan 2.14 bln euro to Turkish Stream operator

Russian gas company Gazprom said it would loan up to 2.14 billion euros to its subsidiary South Stream Transport B.V. which is overseeing the construction of the Turkish Stream undersea gas pipeline to Turkey from Russia. The loan will …

Will Naftogas seize Gazprom's European property?

Russian gas giant Gazprom said it was aware of actions by Ukrainian oil and gas firm Naftogaz to enforce an arbitration court ruling. Naftogaz said earlier today it had initiated the enforcement of a $2.6 billion award from the …

Gazprom's income tops all forecasts

Russia's gas giant Gazprom said its first-quarter net income rose 11% to 371.6 billion rubles ($6 billion), thanks to higher gas prices and sales volumes, beating analysts' expectations. Analysts polled by Reuters had on average …

EU closes Gazprom case

Russia’s Gazprom has settled its seven-year antitrust case with Brussels, avoiding a fine by promising reforms that European officials hope will make the central and eastern European gas market more competitive. …

Will Russia to build Nord Stream 3?

Gazprom does not exclude the possibility of building the Nord Stream 3, Deputy CEO of the gas holding Alexander Medvedev said. "If Europe states its needs and is ready to sign required contracts, then I do not …

Gazprom to cut hundreds of jobs overseas

Russian gas giant Gazprom will cut hundreds of jobs at its overseas trading and export offices, including Britain, and move them to St Petersburg, according to two sources familiar with the plan, which comes at a time of rising tensions with the …

 Naftogaz wants $20 billion more from Gazprom

Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz intends to prove in a new arbitration dispute that the company under-received funds due to the abnormally low cost of gas transit via the Ukrainian territory, Naftogaz Commercial Director Yuriy …