Georgian parliament

Georgian Dream makes unusual offer to opposition

The ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party has made a new offer to the opposition at the today’s meeting, saying that they are ready for 100 spots in parliament to be elected via the proportional electoral system and the remaining …

Aleksandre Erkvania leaves Georgian Dream party

MP of the ruling Georgian Dream party Aleksandre Erkvania has announced he is leaving the ruling party. He said that neither the head of ruling party Bidzina Ivanishvili, not the team had consulted with him before …

European Georgia MPs leave parliamentary committees

Several opposition MPs from the European Georgia opposition party have submitted statements regarding their exit from parliamentary committees amid protests in Tbilisi sparked by the rejection of the election bill on November 14. …

Georgian opposition resume protest rally at parliament

Representatives of opposition parties and civic activists have resumed demonstrations in Tbilisi aimed to re-block the parliament of Georgia and prevent legislators enter the building. Having gathered in front of the parliament …

Georgian opposition promises to resume protests

The Georgian opposition said that rallies will continue until the government ‘keeps its promise’ and allows the conduct of the 2020 parliamentary elections per the proportional electoral system.  Protests sparked by the …

Almost 40 detained in Tbilisi protests

A total of 37 people have been detained in the protests outside the Georgian parliament, the country’s Interior Ministry said in a statement. "On November 18, during the rally outside the parliament, 37 people in total had …