Georgian police

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Georgia urges citizens to be cautious in Turkey

Today the Catholic world celebrates Easter, regarding which the Turkish police issued a recommendation to avoid social and religious institutions, as well as crowded places. The Georgian Foreign Ministry urges Georgian citizens in …

Crime rate rising in Georgia

The crime rate rose in Georgia: in January 2016 its number increased by 3.95% in comparison with the same period last year, the Interior Ministry of the country said. 3183 criminal acts were registered in January 2016 in …

Man shoots his ex-wife in Tbilisi

Last night in the Kukia district of Tbilisi a man killed his ex-wife. According to the press service of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, he shot her in the head. He was detained by law enforcement officials a few …

Prosecutor's car attacked in Poti, media report

In the Georgian port city of Poti the car of the city prosecutor, Alexander Goguadze, was attacked last night, local TV channels reported. According to preliminary reports, the prosecutor himself was driving the Hyundai …