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Turkey calls for a new chapter in relations with Greece

Turkey’s foreign minister called for a new chapter in testy diplomatic ties with Greece on Saturday, even as he berated the neighboring country for providing a safe haven for Turkish “criminals.” As Reuters writes in an …

Greece expels Russian diplomats - media

Greece will expel two Russian diplomats and ban entry to another two over suspicions they tried to undermine an agreement between Athens and the neighboring Macedonia last month, Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported, citing diplomatic …

EU to cut corners on Poland and  Baltic countries

The European Commission plans to shift more than 30 billion euro in EU funding away from central and eastern Europe, the Financial Times reported with reference to draft documents. Draft documents show the commission …

Georgian citizens arrested in Greece

Georgia's Interior Ministry and Greek police have detained 18 members of a criminal group as the result of a joint investigation in Athens. All detainees are Georgian citizens and are connected to crime boss Nodar …

Iran and Greece agree on transport cooperation

The Organization of Transport and Traffic Management of Iran and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of Greece signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of transport cooperation The agreement provides for facilitating …

 TAP buys DESFA’s share

The fact that the consortium for construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) won the tender of Greece's gas grid operator DESFA will strengthen the positions of TAP and the Southern Gas Corridor projects a route for the supply of …

Greece intercepts Turkish drone  - media

The Greek air force has intercepted a Turkish military drone that violated Greece’s national airspace in the southeastern Aegean, Kathimerini newspaper reported. The Turkish Anka unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV ANKA) twice entered …

Saharan dust reaches Russia's Kuban

Huge amounts of Saharan dust that have engulfed Greece, reached Russia's Kuban, according to witnesses. Many residents of Crete have been wearing masks to protect themselves, Euronews reported. Weather reports suggest …