International Holocaust Remembrance Day marked today

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is marked today, January 27. As Deutsche Welle writes, every year on January 27, the millions of victims of the Nazi reign of terror (1933-1945) are remembered, with commemorative concerts, …

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is marked today. The day of Holocaust memory was proposed at the United Nations by Israel in 2005. In addition to encouraging education about the murder of six million Jews during the …

Azerbaijan's contribution to memory of Holocaust

Holocaust Week, launched this Tuesday in Azerbaijan, is an extremely important event for preserving the historical memory of this crime against humanity, as it helps to protect the world from the recurrence of such tragedies, the experts said, …

Azerbaijan holds Holocaust Week

The United Nations Office in Azerbaijan together with the Israeli Embassy in the republic has organized the Holocaust Week. During the Holocaust Week which will be held from 23 to 27 January, exhibitions will be organized in different …

Russia's Holocaust film Violin to seek Oscar

Russia's short film Violin, part of a full-length project in memory of Holocaust victims, seeks to contend for an Oscar award, film producer Yegor Odintsov said. "Representatives of the American Academy of …

International Holocaust Remembrance Day being marked today

The International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust is being marked today. The International Holocaust Memorial Day was established by the UN General Assembly Resolution of November 1, 2005. The document was initiated by …