EU condemns terror attack in Iran

The European Union has condemned the terrorist attack in Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan province that led to numerous casualties. There can be no justification for such an outrageous act of terror. The European Union expresses …

Iran's revolutionary guards kill four militants

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps killed four militants at the Saravan border crossing with Pakistan in Iran’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province. In a statement published by state broadcaster IRIB, the Revolutionary …

Is Iran serious about closing the Strait of Hormuz?

As Iran and the United States move toward a confrontation that is looking increasingly inevitable, Iranian political and military leaders have once again raised the prospect of closing the strategic Strait of Hormuz

US expands sanctions on Iran

The six individuals and three entities, including front companies for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and currency traders, were sanctioned under U.S. regulations targeting specially designated global terrorist suspects …

US court orders Iran to pay billions over 9/11atacks

US federal judge ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars in damages to the families of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. In a default judgement, US District Judge ordered the Islamic Republic and various entities to pay …

 Iran establishes military base near Damascus — media

Iran has established a new permanent military base near Syria’s capital that allegedly has hangers for storing missiles, Fox News TV channel reported. According to Western intelligence sources, the facility is located 12 km …