Iran and the US

Pompeo on Middle East tour to counter Iran

Top US diplomat Mike Pompeo sought Wednesday to bolster a united front against Iran during a Middle East tour that will include talks with key ally Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, The Arab Weekly …

Pompeo calls on Iran to release ex-FBI agent

Tomorrow marks the twelfth anniversary of Robert A. “Bob” Levinson’s capture on Kish Island, Iran. In a statement released Friday, one day before the 12 year anniversary of Levinson's …

Iran picks up some U.S. drones control

Several U.S. aircraft that were constantly flying over Syria and Iraq were under IRGC's control after his forces penetrated into the U.S. command center, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force Brigadier General …

 Trump: U.S. military 'watches Iran' from Iraq

U.S. President Donald Trump said it was important to keep a U.S. military presence in Iraq so that Washington can keep a close eye on Iran. The Republican president lamented "endless wars" in Syria and …

Trump: Iran not abiding by nuclear deal

U.S. President Donald Trump said he’s inclined to leave a base and troops in Iraq to "watch" Iran even as he dials down U.S. military presence in the region, and that he doesn’t believe his intelligence …

Europe sets up INSTEX to save Iran

France, Germany  and Britain has officially set up a European payment channel for transactions to facilitate trade with Iran and circumvent U.S. sanctions, German NDR broadcaster reported. The European channel will be named INSTEX …