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Assad: stability is growing in Syria

Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Syrian Bashar al-Assad held talks in Sochi yesterday, the Kremlin's Acting Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said upon completion of the meeting. …

Crimean bridge car section opened for traffic

The motorway section of Russia’s longest bridge and one of the largest in Europe, the Crimean bridge, was opened for vehicles this morning. The first cars to enter the new bridge at 5.30 Moscow time were driven by local residents, including …

"Let's go!": Crimean bridge opened

The official opening of a the bridge connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean Peninsula was held today. The ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia's Transportation Minister …

Merkel to arrive in Sochi on May 18

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will pay a working visit to Sochi on May 18, Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said. "Merkel will pay a working visit to Sochi on May 18," TASS cited him as saying. …

‘Prince Vladimir’ arrives in Sochi

Cruise ship ‘Prince Vladimir’ arrived in Sochi from Sevastopol to begin the first trip  with tourists on board,  the Sochi seaport reports. ‘Prince Vladimir’ entered the port of Sochi, its departure to …

Orange snowfall in Russia' Sochi

Orange snowfall has blanketed parts of Eastern Europe from Romania to Sochi in Russia.  Despite the apocalyptic landscapes dotting Eastern Europe sparking fear online, meteorologists have assured the orange snow is completely …

Saharan dust reaches Russia's Kuban

Huge amounts of Saharan dust that have engulfed Greece, reached Russia's Kuban, according to witnesses. Many residents of Crete have been wearing masks to protect themselves, Euronews reported. Weather reports suggest …

Two-story house burns in Sochi

In Sochi, a fire has burst out in a two-story private house, the entire building caught on fire, according to the photo of the event, published in social networks. The causes of the fire are not reported yet, there is also no …

Putin inspects finished section of Crimean bridge

Today Russian President Vladimir Putin inspected finished section of the highway part of the Crimean bridge. Russian leader arrived to the site on bus from the Krasnodar Territory. "The longest bridge in …