Mahmoud Abbas

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Topics of Abbas-Putin meeting revealed

The issue of arms supplies was not discussed during the meeting between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Palestine's leader Mahmoud Abbas in Sochi, the Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad …

Abbas, Putin to meet in Sochi on May 11

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas will meet in Sochi on May 11, Palestine’s ambassador to Russia Hafiz Nofal said, TASS reports. …

Mahmoud Abbas to attend Shimon Peres funeral

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas plans to attend Shimon Peres’s funeral in Jerusalem tomorrow, at the head of a PA delegation, Palestinian and Israeli officials said Thursday, The Times of Israel …

Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands

In Paris, during the UN Climate Conference the leaders of Palestine and Israel shook their hands during a long period of time.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas shook …