Maksim Oreshkin

Is Russia protected from trade wars?

Russia is one of the economies that is best protected from negative consequences, including a trade war between the U.S. and China, Russia's Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said. "Russia is in many …

Oreshkin declares his presidential ambition

Russian Minister for Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said that he would like to work as the president of Russia. According to  Oreshkin, he still "have not done much," but he would like to do it. …

Oreshkin names condition of ruble’s stability

The ruble exchange rate will remain stable if the oil prices are $ 40 per barrel and more, Russian Economic Development and Trade Minister Maxim Oreshkin said. In addition, the Minister also pointed out that in the long term, the rate …

Azpromo opens Prodexpo-2019 exhibition in Moscow

The international exhibition of food products, beverages and raw materials for their production ProdExpo-2019 has opened at the central exhibition center 'Expocentre' in Moscow. The Azerbaijan Export and Investment …

Russia to face decade of oil price at $50

Russia’s Economic Development minister Maksim Oreshkin said that the ministry expects the oil price to slip to $50 per barrel by 2025-2030 and stay at that level long-term. According to him, this trend is …