The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

 NATO warships moving closer to Syria

Warships from NATO’s 2nd Standing Maritime Group are moving closer to the Syrian coast, according to Western websites monitoring naval activity in the region. The NATO flotilla cruising off the Syrian coast reportedly …

Does U.S. plan to create ‘Arab NATO’?

The Trump administration has in recent months been quietly working on creating a new security alliance comprised of six Gulf Arab states plus Egypt and Jordan, unofficially known as the “Arab NATO,” and also dubbed the “Middle …

NATO comments on Russia's upcoming military drills

NATO spokesman Dylan White said that Russia had briefed the alliance on the Vostok-2018 planned exercise in May and that NATO planned to monitor it.  According to the spokesman, Russia had invited military …

Putin: NATO moving closer to Russian border

NATO is moving its military infrastructure closer to the Russian border and Russia needs to strengthen its own infrastructure in response, the country's President Vladimir Putin said, speaking at a news conference after talks …