Naira Zohrabyan

Party deprives Sargsyan of last power

Several deputies decided to withdraw from the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), a source close the deputies said. "All those MPs who intend to leave the RPA faction are prominent businessmen. They plan to …

Migration from Armenia assumes escape character

The permanent population of Armenia decreased by 13.4 thousand people over the past year, according to the National Statistical Service of the republic. At the same time, it was noted that during the year 10.3 thousand more people were born …

Naira Zohrabyan: Armenia was on the verge of civil war

One of the most important results of dialogue between people and authorities of Armenia this week was that the country that was on the verge of civil war managed to prevent bloodshed, deputy of the Tsarukyan bloc, member of the Prosperous Armenia …

Sargsyan to become Armenia's president

Armenia's President and head of the Republican Party, Serzh Sargsyan, at the meeting with Armen Sargsyan, the country’s ambassador to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, offered him to be presidential candidate from his party. 

What does 2017 bring for Armenia?

Parliamentary elections, signing of an agreement with the EU and significant drop in the standard of living are among the most memorable things for Armenia in 2017, politicians and experts said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, summing …

Youth protesting as Yerevan sends students to war

Armenia’s National Assembly adopted the draft law "On military service and the status of serviceman" in the second and final reading. The new legislation is expected to abolish temporary exemptions from military service. …