National Bank of Georgia

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Georgian parliament starts its work on September 1st

The autumn session of the Georgian parliament opens on September 1st with a meeting of the Bureau. The first plenary session will be held on September 2. One of the issues that will be discussed by deputies is the veto imposed by President …

Georgian national currency continues to fall

The Georgian lari continues to depreciate against the dollar. The depreciation of the currency began in mid-July and continues till now. Thus, on Friday the Georgian National Bank established an exchange rate of 2.3271 lari to the …

Georgia receives 25% less in remittances

During the seven months of this year the volume of remittances from abroad to Georgia fell by 24.2% (202.3 million dollars) compared to the same period last year and amounted to 632 million dollars. This information is contained in data of the …

Georgian National Bank raises key rate to 6%

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Georgian National Bank has decided to raise the key rate to 6% at its meeting today. The Georgian National Bank explained it was due to the macroeconomic forecast, according to which inflationary …

Georgia uses key rate against inflation

The National Bank of Georgia increased its key policy rate from 5% to 5.5% and predicted further gradual tightening of the monetary policy in the course of this year. "The monetary policy decision is based on the macroeconomic forecast,