Nord Stream 2 AG

Nord Stream 2 AG sues European Union

Nord Stream AG, operator of Russian gas pipeline project Nord Stream-2, has filed a suit to the European Court of Justice demanding partial abolishment of amendments to the Gas Directive due to the tight deadlines to issue exceptions for the …

Denmark approves Nord Stream 2 project

Denmark’s energy agency has granted a permit to Nord Stream 2 AG to construct a section of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipelines on the Danish continental shelf southeast of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea." according to …

Nord Stream 2 AG about new route of Nord Stream 2

The length of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline route in Danish waters under the third construction permit application in Denmark exceeds the original route by 25 kilometers, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction project, Nord …

Gazprom: 34% of Nord Stream-2 laid in Baltic Sea

The Nord Stream 2 AG has laid more than 830 kilometers, or 34%, of the Nord Stream-2 natural gas pipeline on the bed of the Baltic Sea, Russian gas giant Gazprom said in a statement. The combined length of the two threads of the …

Nord Stream 2 to come into service in November

The first string of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is expected to be finished in November, Chief Financial Officer at Nord Stream 2 AG Paul Corcoran said during the European Gas Conference. The construction of the …

Nord Stream 2 AG built 250 km of gas pipeline

Nord Stream 2 AG, a Swiss-based firm behind the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, has laid about 250 kilometres of pipes, company spokesman Jens Mueller said. "As of now, the company built about 250 …