Nord Stream-2

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Merkel: European Commission not to stop Nord Stream-2

The European Commission will not be able to stop implementation of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project despite adoption of amendments to the E.U. Gas Directive, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told an audience in Ravensburg. …

International experts discuss European gas market

The Energy Experts Round Table attended by experts from Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia was held in Sofia yesterday. The Turkish Stream natural gas project is one of these key projects that will ensure Turkey's energy security …

Nord Stream 2 AG about new route of Nord Stream 2

The length of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline route in Danish waters under the third construction permit application in Denmark exceeds the original route by 25 kilometers, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction project, Nord …

Over 568 miles of Nord Stream 2 pipeline ready

Russian energy giant Gazprom said in a statement on Monday that it had laid 915 kilometers (568.5 miles) of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will deliver Russian natural gas to Europe via the Baltic Sea, which amounts to around 37 percent of …