North Ossetia

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Moscow to appeal ECHR ruling in Beslan tragedy

Russia will appeal against the decision pronounced by the European Court of Human Rights to award 3 million euros to the relatives of victims of the Beslan hostage crisis, the Russian Justice Ministry said. The ministry said …

Russia celebrates Christmas

Today Russia celebrates Christmas, which is one of two most important religious holidays along with Easter. Patriarch Kirill congratulated Orthodox Christians after a midnight service at the Cathedral …

Snow disaster in the mountains of North Ossetia 

Today, EMERCOM of Russia in North Ossetia issued  an emergency warning about blizzard in the mountains of the country, referring to the North Ossetian Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. …

Georgia celebrates St. George's Day

Today, Georgia is celebrating one of the most important religious holidays in the country - the St. George's Day or Giorgoba. Festive services, dedicated to this day, are held in all the acting churches of Georgia. …

Upper Lars resumes work in full

The Upper Lars checkpoint has removed all the restrictions on the movement of buses and heavy transports on the Georgian Military Highway, partially closed from Wednesday, the representative of the main emergency department of the North …

North Ossetia celebrates  Constitution Day

Today, the anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic is celebrated in North Ossetia. The head of the region, Vyacheslav Bitarov, congratulated the residents of the region. He recalled that  the basic law, adopted exactly 22 …

'Great Silk Road' tourist route opens in North Caucasus

The new tourist route "Great Silk Road" will open in the North Caucasus on Sunday. Chinese and Russian tour operators will embark on the week-long tour of North Caucasian regions, the Russian Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs …

Who to be chosen in Caucasus on September 18?

The elections at the federal and regional levels will be held throughout Russia this Sunday. The federation will elect the new composition of the State Duma and the subjects will elect the heads and parliaments. In the North Caucasus this …