North Ossetia

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Landslide hinders traffic on Georgian Military Road

The Georgian Military Road was closed for several hours due to heavy rain,  the Department of Highways of the Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia said.  The traffic was closed for all types …

Vyacheslav Mikhailov: "I see positive interethnic dynamics in North Caucasus"

One of the developers of the professional standard, the ex-minister of the Russian Federation for Nationalities, a member of the Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations, the head of the Department of National and Federative Relations of IPACS RANEPA, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, told about the current state of interethnic, migration and national processes in Russia

Coffee thief caught in Vladikavkaz

A resident of Vladikavkaz, who was robbing coffee vending machines, was detained by the local police officers. The investigators believe that he was abducting money from the vending machines located in various parts of the city, the …

"Safe Republic" to be created in North Ossetia

Collective security system called "Safe Republic" will be created in North Ossetia. According to the press service of the region's government, it will include four areas: automatic recording of violations of traffic rules, …

Best investment projects contest held in North Ossetia

Winners of the "Best Investment Project" contest were awarded in North Ossetia. The contest was initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the republic to find new projects and ideas in the field of industry and …

Fishing prohibited in Kabardino-Balkaria

Starting from today, a prohibition to extract any kinds of aquatic biological products from the rivers and reservoirs of Kabardino-Balkaria comes to force, the press service of the West Caspian Department of Rosrybolovstvo reported. The …

Moscow to appeal ECHR ruling in Beslan tragedy

Russia will appeal against the decision pronounced by the European Court of Human Rights to award 3 million euros to the relatives of victims of the Beslan hostage crisis, the Russian Justice Ministry said. The ministry said …

Russia celebrates Christmas

Today Russia celebrates Christmas, which is one of two most important religious holidays along with Easter. Patriarch Kirill congratulated Orthodox Christians after a midnight service at the Cathedral …

Snow disaster in the mountains of North Ossetia 

Today, EMERCOM of Russia in North Ossetia issued  an emergency warning about blizzard in the mountains of the country, referring to the North Ossetian Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. …