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U.S. says it has 11,000 troops in Afghanistan

About 11,000 U.S. troops are serving in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said at a news conference, thousands more than it has previously stated. The Pentagon said previously that there were roughly 8,400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, under …

Pentagon preparing military options against North Korea

The U.S. military’s top officer said that a military solution to the missile threat from North Korea would be 'horrific', but allowing the reclusive nation to develop the capability to launch a nuclear attack on the United States is …

North Korea crisis: how likely is nuclear war?

The commander of the Strategic Force of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Rak-gyom, released more details of the plan to launch four intermediate-range ballistic missiles into waters near Guam in the Western Pacific to …

US cuts aid to Syrian rebel group

On new orders from President Donald Trump, the U.S. military for the first time has cut ties to a Syrian rebel group. "They were a partner force of ours, and we can no longer support them because they don't …

US conducts new strikes on pro-Syrian government forces

US-led aircraft struck a column of pro-Syrian government forces advancing toward a small US outpost in southeastern Syria on Tuesday, the Pentagon said in a statement. The strike marks a second time in less than a month that US …

US starts providing weapons to Syrian Kurds - media

The United States said it started distributing arms to Syrian Kurdish militia battling to help retake the city of Raqqa from ISIS. Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway said the Kurdish fighters received …

Pentagon: NATO not a threat to Russia

NATO is not a threat to Russia, and Moscow is aware of this fact, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told CBS News in an interview. "Right now, Russia's future should be wedded to Europe. Why they see NATO as a …

US to arm Kurdish fighters against ISIS

The US will arm Syria’s Kurdish fighters “as necessary” to recapture the key ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, despite intense opposition from Turkey. The decision is meant to accelerate the Raqqa operation but undermines the …