Russia and Armenia

Russian senators sum up Caucasus agrarian results

Russian senators, chairman and deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrifood Policy and Environmental Management, Mikhail Shchetinin and Irina Hecht, speaking with correspondents of Vestnik …

Russia modernizes segment of Armenian-Turkish border

Detachments of the Russian border service in Armenia have started to carry out the works on the modernization of the border points of the Armenian-Turkish border,  the press service of the Border Department of the Russian FSB in Armenia …

Armenia no longer likes EEU

During three years of Armenia's membership in the EEU, there has been a significant regression in a number of socioeconomic spheres, Yerevan says

Russia to appoint new Armenia ambassador soon

Russia will appoint a new ambassador to Armenia in the near future, Zhoghovurd newspaper writes on Wednesday, reports. March 25 will mark five years in office by ambassador Ivan Volynkin, and usually the …

Zvezda TV channel about heroization of fascism in Armenia

Zvezda TV network run by the Russian Ministry of Defence condemned the Armenian government for the glorification of fascism. The Director General of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies and Initiatives, an advisor to the Director General of …