Russia and China

Beijing demands protection for Russia's clean athletes

China has always opposed the use of doping but it also demands that the rights and interests of clean athletes be protected, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said at a briefing, commenting on the decision made by …

Tourists from China visit Ingushetia

A group of tourists from China visited Ingushetia within the framework of tour across North Caucasus, press-secretary of the republic's tourism committee Marem Ozdoeva reported. She noted that due to the lack of …

Delegation from China to visit Crimea

Delegation from China will visit Crimea in the near future, Deputy Prime Minister of the republic Georgy Muradov said. "We expect delegation of Chinese representatives, famous cultural figures and figures to arrive …

China opposes new US sanctions

China opposes the new US law to toughen sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "The Chinese side consistently oppose unilateral sanctions," TASS cited the document as …

Russia resumes electric power supplies to China

Russia resumed electric power supplies to China. They were suspended earlier today due to an accident. "All five lines are already operation at the moment," reports citing Federal Network Company. …