Russia and France

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Crimea waiting for Le Pen's visit

Crimea will be happy if the French presidential candidate of the far right-wing party National Front, Marine Le Pen, visits it,  the vice-premier of the Crimean government Georgy …

Sarkozy criticized Hollande's attitude towards Russia

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has joined a chorus of French politicians sharply criticizing the incumbent Francois Hollande for escalating tensions with Russia, following Vladimir Putin’s decision to cancel a …

 Putin cancels Paris visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cancelled his upcoming trip to Paris. The move comes after French President Francois Hollande accused the Kremlin of committing war crimes in …

French Senate to urge lifting sanctions against Russia

France's upper house of parliament, the Senate, would continue its efforts aimed at lifting the sanctions imposed against Russia, discussing the issue with the parliaments of other European states, a French senator Jean …

Russian student of Finance Academy killed in Nice attack

A female Russian student was among those killed in the truck attack in Nice, the Moscow-based Academy of Finance where she studied said on Friday. The academy identified her as Viktoria Savchenko. Her friend and fellow student Polina …

Francois Hollande: Russia Is No Threat, but Our Partner

French PresidentFrancois Hollande said on Friday that NATO should not consider Russia to be their threat, but a partner. "NATO has no role in relations between Europe and Russia. For France, Russia, is neither an enemy nor a threat", Hollande said in Warsaw, where he participated in the NATO Summit.