Russian Central Bank

Russia not to cope with inflation in 2019

The Russian central bank still expects annual inflation to amount to 5.0–5.5% in 2019, the regulator's spokesperson said, meaning that the target of 4% will not be achieved this year. "The central bank still expects that …

 Bank of Russia raises key rate to last year level

The Bank of Russia Board of Directors decided to raise the key rate by 0.25 pp to 7.75% per annum today. The regulator said in a press release that the decision taken is proactive in nature and is aimed at limiting inflation risks that …

 Russian central bank's deputy governor retires

The Russian Central Bank's deputy governor Alexander Torshin is leaving the bank to retire, according to the regulator. Alexander Torshin has started his work in the Russian Central Bank in 2015, Interfax …

 SWIFT cuts off Iran's Central Bank

SWIFT cut-off Iranian financial institutions, including the Iranian central bank, targeted by the U.S. sanctions, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Sigal Mandelker said. The U.S. Treasury official stressed that …