Russian Defense Ministry

Su-25 Jet crashes in Russia's Stavropol region

The Sukhoi-25UB fighter-bomber has crashed in the Stavropol Region, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. "On September 3, a Sukhoi-25UB fighter-bomber crashed during a routine training flight. The rescue service is searching …

Shoigu invites NATO to participate in Army Games

Today, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu invited NATO countries to participate in the next International Army Games. “We will be glad to see any of the NATO countries at our games. And we’ll be glad to not only meet …

Why explosions heard in peaceful Siberia

The fire at an ammunition depot in the Krasnoyark Region’s Achinsky District has been extinguished, the Russian Defense Ministry reported today. "The fire at an ammunition depot of the Central Military District in the …

Russian State Duma to analyze wildfire situation

The Russian State Duma's working group will analyze the wildfire situation on August 5. The Russian Defense Ministry’s special aviation group has joined the firefighting effort to prevent the blazes sweeping across …

Turkey delegates observers to 2019 Army Games

Turkey and another three member-countries of NATO have delegated their observers to the 2019 International Army Games, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said. "The Greek team will participate in the …