Russian Energy Ministry

Russia to build Nord Stream 3?

Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said that construction of the Nord Stream 3 main gas pipeline is possible in case of growth of natural gas demand in Europe. "This is a calculation, an economic task. …

 Novak: Russia has room to raise oil output

Russia has not yet reached peak oil output and has room to raise it further, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said today on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week forum. "We are expecting this year around 555 …

Novak: current high oil price is temporary

Current oil prices of between $70 and $80 per barrel were only temporary and were driven by sanctions, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said. The minister added that the long-term price would stand at around …

Russia to set coal production record

Russia can top a soviet coal production record of 420 million tonnes in 2018, while investments may amount to 130 billion rubles a year, Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak said, speaking at a meeting with government officials and top managers of energy companies.

Russia to establish new OPEC

New OPEC-Russia organisation may start its work on 1 January 2019, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said today. The minister specified that it will retain the functions of regulating oil production and will …