Saudi Arabia

 Two arts academies to be established in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia will set up arts academies, including two in the next two years, offering a step toward academic qualification and enlarging the Kingdom’s footprint in heritage, arts and crafts, and music. The initiative is part of …

Saudi Arabia eases travel restrictions on women

Saudi Arabia has begun allowing adult women to travel without permission and to exercise more control over family matters. The regulatory changes stipulated that a Saudi passport should be issued to any citizen who applies for it and …

Rouhani: Iran ready to negotiate but not surrender

Iran is ready for negotiations but not if they mean surrender, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said. "As long as I have the responsibility for the executive duties of the country, we are completely ready for …

US prepares operation in Persian Gulf

The US military is developing an operation designed to secure maritime routes in the Middle East. The US Central Command issued a relevant statement, according to which the preparation of the operation in the Persian Gulf began after the …