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Impregnable fortress of Black Sea Fleet

Historical land battery-35 was one of the most powerful fortifications of the Soviet Union. Its construction began in the early XX century for strengthening of Sevastopol as a base of the Black Sea Fleet. By the beginning of the Great …

Concept of general plan of city introduced in Sevastopol

A concept of the general plan of the city has been introduced in Sevastopol. A developer of the planning document is the architectural bureau ‘Ostozhenka’, as well as the NGO ‘Integrated Urban Design Institute of the General …

Sevastopol may build monument to 'Russian Spring'

Representatives of the Sevastopol Cossacks have launched an initiative to create a monument in the city to the 'Russian Spring', Vice Governor of Sevastopol Yevgeny Dubovik said. "There is an idea, but …