South Ossetia

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Residents of South Ossetia remain without electricity

People of South Ossetia have remained without electricity due to the accident at the power line, the Republican State Unitary Enterprise (RPMU) 'Energy resources" reports. According to Interfax, people remained without …

Georgian Press Review (October 16-22)

Footage of torture in order to obtain the necessary evidence has led to a series of attacks on the offices of the United National Movement in various parts of Georgia

Khidasheli denies Georgian war crimes in 2008

Georgian Defense Minister Tina Khidasheli has made a statement that the army of the republic didn’t commit war crimes during the conflict in August 2008 and fully supported the report ‘Under ...

Could Russia and the West collide in the Caucasus?

As Ukrainian conflict worsening, the confrontation between Russia and the West is also enhanced. The center of this dispute can be transferred from the Ukraine to the Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, …

Events of August 2008. 7 years later

Seven years have passed after the tragic events in August 2008. Then, on the night of the 8th of August 8 in 2008, Georgia fired from multiple rocket launchers Grad on South Ossetia. Georgian troops attacked the …