Armenia commemorates Spitak earthquake victims

Today, it is the 29th anniversary of the tragic Spitak earthquake. The earthquake happened in Armenia's Spitak on December 7th 1988.  Powerful tremors in nearly half a minute destroyed the whole northern part of Armenia, …

Earthquake hits Armenia's Spitak

The Survey for Seismic Protection Agency of Armenia recorded a 2.5-magnitude earthquake in the north of the country on Wednesday at 5:07 am local time. The epicenter of this tremor was 10km southeast of Spitak town. The hypocenter …

Armenia commemorates victims of Spitak earthquake

It is the 27th anniversary of the Spitak Earthquake. The earthquake happened in Armenia on December 7, 1988. Powerful tremors destroyed nearly half a minute the whole northern part of Armenia, covering territory with a population of about 1 …