Plane heading to Yerevan flies close to another one

Two airplanes have flown at a critically close distance from each other in Russia's Rostov Oblast. REN TV learned that one of these planes was en route from Moscow to Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, whereas the other - …

Bone marrow to be transplanted in Stavropol Territory

Bone marrow transplantation will begin in the Stavropol region, the head of the Ministry of Health of the region, Viktor Mazharov said. According to him, the procedures for bone marrow transplantation, which are required for cancerous …

Man dies in car accident in Stavropol

One person was killed and three were injured as a result of an accident that occurred in the Andropov district of the Stavropol Territory involving a bus and a truck, the propaganda department of the regional department of the State Traffic …

North Caucasus perceives Kemerovo tragedy as its own

The North Caucasus perceived the tragedy in Kemerovo, which killed 64 people, as if it was their own, the representatives of the Caucasian intelligentsia told the correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza, expressing their condolences to the …

North Caucasus workers repair 81% of federal routes

North Caucasus road services repaired a total of 377 km of federal routes in five regions, the press service of the Kavkaz federal roads department reported. "The roads of federal importance in Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria, …