Syria and US

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Moscow and Washington extend Syrian truce by 48 hours

The United States and Russia agreed that the Syrian cessation of hostilities should be extended for another 48 hours, the US State Department said on Wednesday. The cessation of hostilities, brokered by US Secretary of State …

Truce in Syria set for next week

The truce in Syria is due to start next week, and the inter-Syrian talks may be resumed before the end of February. These are the main results achieved at the Munich meeting of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG). Diplomatic …

Russia proposes ceasefire in Syria on March 1

The Russian side has made a proposal to begin a ceasefire in Syria on March 1, but Western officials said no agreement has been reached on the offer. The source added that Washington has concerns about some elements of the Russian …

International community discusses ground operation in Syria

The crisis in Syria cannot have a military solution, the only possible way to resolve it is political. This opinion was expressed unanimously yesterday at the first meeting of the UN Security Council with the participation of the Secretary …

Daesh loses 90% of oil capacity

90% of Daesh oil capacity in Iraq and Syria has been destroyed, US military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said. "About 90% of Daesh oil capacity in Iraq and Syria has been destroyed, TASS cited him as saying. …

America to allocate $100 million to Syrian opposition

Washington will allocate another $100 million to help the opposition in Syria. The total amount of aid since 2012 will reach $500 million. This was reported by  the US State Department.  The money will be spent for peaceful …

 US no longer insists on resignation of Assad

Washington no longer considers the resignation of President Bashar Assad to be a prerequisite for a resolution of the Syrian conflict, sources in the US government said. "The Obama administration, entering a crucial ...

Pushkov: Iran should join talks on Syrian crisis

Tehran should be involved in the talks on the Syrian crisis, the head of the Russian State Duma Committee for Foreign Affairs, Alexei Pushkov, said at a meeting with a delegation of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party …

US planned to overthrow Assad in 2006, media reports

The US planned to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad in December 2006. To do so, the American leadership tried to destabilize the situation in the region, according to regular revelations of Wikileaks published today in the Lebanese …