Syrian refugees

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Germany stops rail services with Austria

Germany has temporarily stopped railway service  with Austria. This decision was taken on the initiative of the federal government.  Local media reported that the southern border of …

Adygea receives 700 Syrian refugees

About 700 Circassians have moved from Syria to Adygea since 2012. 64 students and 145 families are living in the republic now.   According to the Center for Adaptation of returnees Adygea, 12 …

Netanyahu refuses to receive Syrian refugees

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to shelter Syrian refugees in the country and noted Israel's readiness to reinforce the borders with its neighboring states in order to prevent ...

More than 10 people die in boat crash in Bodrum

11 Syrian refugees drowned when two boats crashed in the Aegean Sea near Bodrum. The refugees were heading for the Greek Island of Kos, DHA agency reports. 4 refugees were rescued by Turkish Coast Guards, who are continuing to search …

EU distributes refugees equally

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said today that the EU needs to develop a new system of distribution of migrants that would be more honest than the current one, in which the ...

Turkey's Izmir closed for Syrian migrants

Syrian migrants are not allowed to enter Turkey's Izmir. The reason is that Syrian migrants are using Izmir as a transit point for illegally entering the territory of European countries. More than 60,000 migrants were expelled from Izmir. …