Tahir Salahov

Baku to host Tahir Salahov exhibition

Baku will host the exhibition devoted to the 90th anniversary of the People’s Artist of the USSR, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Arts Tahir Salahov. It will be opened at Baku Expo Center at 18:30 local …

Tahir Salahov celebrates 90th anniversary

Prominent Azerbaijani and Russian artist, theatrical designer, pedagogue, vice president of Russian Academy of Arts, People`s Artist of the USSR, hero of Socialist Labor, holder of state prizes Tahir Salahov celebrates his 90th …

"The Sun at its Zenith" by Tahir Salahov

A personal exhibition by Tahir Salahov opens at the Tretyakov Gallery. Tahir Salahov is an Azerbaijani and Russian artist, theater decorator, teacher, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts, a People’s Artist of the USSR, a Hero of …

Andris Liepa: I would like to visit Baku very much

The well-known Soviet and Russian ballet dancer, theater director and producer, People's Artist of Russia Andris Liepa told in an interview with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza about future plans and creative artists of the Caucasus he got …