Turkmenistan sets up own anti-doping agency

Turkmenistan has set up the National Anti-Doping Agency, 'Turkmenistan' TV channel reported. "I am pleased with the adoption of the anti-doping law and the establishment of the National Anti-Doping Agency of Turkmenistan - …

Black cars banned in Turkmenistan since 2018

The Turkmen police are evacuating an d arresting cars of dark colors for more than 2 months, AKIpress reported citing the Chronicle of Turkmenistan. A few days ago, the arrested cars were returned to their owners but with the …

OSCE consults Turkmenistan on judicial issues

International standards and best practices on the independence of the judiciary in the context of criminal justice are the focus of an OSCE-supported series of three two-day seminars that started in Dashoguz on December 15, 2017 and will be …

Southern Gas Corridor projects in third list of PCIs

Southern Gas Corridor projects are in the third list of the Projects of Common Interest (PCI), released by the European Commission, Trend reports. Gas pipeline to the EU from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, via Georgia and Turkey, …