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Syria recaptures Palmyra

There is fierce fighting for Palmyra in Syria between government troops and terrorists. The terrorists had managed to thwart the efforts of the Syrian army to take down the flag of the terrorist group Daesh, banned in Russia, from the hill where …

Sochi Park holds festival of arts

An international festival of arts and culture under the auspices of UNESCO has opened in Sochi Park in the Imereti lowlands today. It will be attended by artists from Russia, Turkey, Iran and China. The festival program includes …

Khokhloma and gzhel may enter World Heritage List

It has been proposed to include Russian crafts on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Viktor Yevtukhov, said. The Russian Ministry of Industry together with the Ministry of Culture and industry …

My discovery of Islam

The most aggressive forces in the modern world are not Christianity and Islam, but are based on ignorant standardization, which simplifies everything, an attempt to bring all forms of life under a declared perfect external form.

Militants partially destroy Syrian fort on UNESCO list

Terrorists of one of the radical organizations in Syria have damaged the ancient fort in the city of Aleppo, which is included on the list of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, local media report. "The explosion of a bomb in a …