US Embassy in Russia

US to make life more difficult for Russian diplomats

The US is considering imposing tougher restrictions on travel of Russian diplomatic personnel within the country as a retaliatory measure to the recent decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to cut the US diplomatic …

Russia’s Foreign Ministry summons US ambassador

The US ambassador to Russia, John Tefft, was summoned to the Russia’s Foreign Ministry, where the diplomat was handed a document outlining Russia’s new restrictions on America’s diplomatic presence in …

Kremlin to be evacuated?

Kremlin, the US Embassy in Russia and several other buildings in Moscow likely became victims of "phone terrorists", and now may be evacuated in accordance with the regulations of the security services. "Emergency service …

US warns about possible terrorist attack in Russia

The US Embassy in Russia today issued a warning to the US citizens about a possible terrorist attack. "The US Embassy in Moscow issued a statement due to the need to recall the recent warning of the US State Department regarding …