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Are United States starting new round of arms race?

The Trump Administration's newly-released Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) lays out plans to modernize the US nuclear triad by integrating nuclear capability on the F-35 fighter jet, deploying low-yield warheads at sea, and developing new …

US unveils new nuclear weapons strategy

The US will adopt a more aggressive nuclear posture, contemplating strikes in response to non-nuclear threats and deploying new “low-yield” devices after a government review that detractors say will raise the risk of nuclear war, …

Over 10 Russians arrested abroad at US requests in 2017

Over 10 Russian citizens were arrested abroad at US requests in 2017, the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote on its website on Thursday, TASS reports. "Despite our appeals to establish cooperation between relevant authorities in Russia …

Second tanker with Russian gas may reach U.S. on Feb. 15

A tanker named Provalys will pick up Russian natural gas from Dunkirk, France, and may reach the U.S. on about Feb. 15, according to Kpler SAS, a cargo-tracking company.  It will be the second tanker, which delivers Russian gas to …

Trump to ask for 716 bln USD for 2019 defense budget

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to ask for 716 billion U.S. dollars for defense spending in the 2019 budget to be unveiled next month, Xinhua reported citing local media. The figure will represent a 7-percent increase over the …