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Ukrainian national sentenced to 8 years in Crimea

Crimea’s Supreme Court has found Ukrainian citizen Yevgeny Panov guilty of the illegal trade in arms and plotting subversive acts in the region and sentenced him to eight years in prison. "The court rules to …

Shoigu: US loses hybrid war in Crimea

The armed rebellion in Ukraine in February 2014 were preceded by all signs of the United States waging a "hybrid war," Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in an interview released today. According to …

Date of Russia, EU, Ukraine meeting on gas revealed

Russia, the European Union and Ukraine are planning to hold a trilateral meeting on gas in Berlin on July 17, the Russian Energy Ministry said in a statement. The Russian delegation will be led by the country's energy minister …

Putin holds phone call with Poroshenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin has held a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "Yes, the conversation took …

Director Kira Muratova passes away

Kira Muratova, one of the Russian-speaking world's most influential filmmakers, passes away. She was 83. Muratova died in Odessa, Ukraine, where she had lived and worked for many years, her husband, Yevgeny …

NATO and Russia resumes dialogue

The first since last October NATO-Russia Council (NRC) convened today in Brussels.  "The Council had an open exchange on several topics, including the situation in and around Ukraine, issues related to military activities, …

NATO-Russia Council convens in Brussels

The NATO-Russia Council (NRC) convened today in Brussels. The meeting will discuss the situation in eastern Ukraine. It is the first time the council has met since NATO and many of its members expelled Russian diplomats following a …

Will Naftogas seize Gazprom's European property?

Russian gas giant Gazprom said it was aware of actions by Ukrainian oil and gas firm Naftogaz to enforce an arbitration court ruling. Naftogaz said earlier today it had initiated the enforcement of a $2.6 billion award from the …

Saakashvili calls on Europe to slap sanctions on Kiev

Ukrainian opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili Tuesday urged European leaders to slap sanctions on President Petro Poroshenko, whom he accused of violating his human rights by expelling him from the country three months ago, …